Hollywood tricks for beautiful hair!

You probably think that Hollywood stars have around them a team of experts who are constantly looking after them to look gorgeous and give them new hair color ideas. You are right in one point they always look perfect, when we watch them on TV, and yet they are just humans and there are days when they have to take care of their hair alone.

Hair is the most important part of your beauty and you have to take care of it, because nothing is so simple! I’ll tell you a few tricks that can help you to have beautiful hair and everyone will notice difference.

Hair can obtain the gloss from biotin. Biotin supports the growth and stimulates well whole metabolism. It is contained in hard boiled eggs, walnuts, cauliflower and apples.

Did you know that your favorite cotton pillowcase dries up your hair? Cotton material causes a friction and hair gets easily damaged from it. Try to sleep on silk or satin pillowcases because your hair will not rub on it that much.

Get used to wash your hair in the evening before going to the bed! It’s better than in the morning before going to the school! But be sure to go to the bed only with perfectly dried hair, because you can catch a cold from sleeping with damp hair. If you want your hair look good in the morning when you wake up try to braid it in the loose braid to protect it from tangling during sleep.

Selena Gomez says, “I’m have a huge consumption of olive oil, because I add it to the bath, I make a face mask out of it or put it on the hair ends when I feel that they look dry. I have this advice from my girlfriend, who is a model and have to admit it really works well for me.”
Many hair stylists advise to avoid products which contain silicone. Always read labels of products carefully. Silicone is unnecessarily heavy for the hair and also softens it so you might have quite difficulty to create any hair style in the morning.

It is also recommended to avoid an excessive brushing of our hair. Brushing only contributes to breakage and another damage of the hair. Brush hair only in the mornings after waking up and if you need to untangle it just run your fingers through it. This technique is the most gentle one for your hair.

These few tricks mentioned above are just the most basic rules of a hair care, try to follow them since it is the least you can do for your hair.

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