Cindy Crawford sexy as never before!

Cindy Crawford is a proud mother of two kids and even though she still proves to everyone that she can be at the age of 48 catwalk queen. After official announcement of modeling retirement she returned in front of camera lens and proved that woman can be sexy even after crossing the border of the age of forty. She looks really stunning. She says as well that lately she is working more than ever before. And earn even more money. However, she never thought that she would work as a model for twenty-five years,” said Cindy.

meaningful beautyCrawford started with modeling more than two decades ago and lately focused more of her energy on her own line of beauty products and houseware. Together with Parisian dermatologist Dr. Sebagh, they developed a successful cosmetic line Meaningful Beauty, which comprises of anti-aging products with extracts of special melon.

Among her latest campaigns was also stunning promotion of shoe collection for the brand Deichmann and has been involved in helping children with cancer, perhaps because her brother died of leukemia, when she was just 4.

Cindy says that she isn’t trying to look young as hard as we might think. She just likes to be happy about the way she is. Everything is about healthy eating and being very active. She as well has to do lots of sports to keep her amazing shape. She is very passionate and motivated to live healthy life. The former model, who experienced the peak of her career in the nineties along with Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista, a mother of 2 revealed that she actually uses Botox and vitamin and collagen injections. Basically doesn’t consider those treatments as something very bad for her health or too invasive.

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